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We strive to utilize the most up to date technology to provide our patients with the best possible eye care

Digital Retina Scan

As recommended by our optometrists, digital retina images scans your retina for any problems such as but not limited to retina deterioration.  High detailed scans are performed of your retina using Optomap and then digitally enhanced by a computer which is then displayed on a screen to be magnified.

Auto Tonometer

Our corneas are filled with fluid to maintain its shape. When pressure is too high or varies significantly it can be a sign of serious eye health problems, including glaucoma. This test allows us to evaluate eye pressure by releasing a delicate air puff into the patient’s eye without any contact.


Visual Field Screening

When an eye disease is suspected, we use a Humphrey FDT to assess your peripheral vision. Visual field screening uses flashes of light to uncover any vision loss. This assessment has led to early detection of glaucoma, stroke along with other eye diseases.

Visual Acuity Test

This is the standard test where the optometrist examines how well you can see the distance. Typically using a Snell eye chart you will be shown a row of capital letters with each row being progressively smaller. If you already wear corrective lenses a phoropter will be used to assist in determining the exact vision correction you require.

Slit Lamp

This instrument assists the optometrist to look at every structure of the eye in detail searching for abnormalities. The patient sits with their head & chin resting on support while a beam of light is shone into the eye. If necessary the optometrist may administer eye drops to dilate the eyes.

Indirect Opthalmoscopy

Using an binocular type instrument our optometrist will be able to examine the back of the eye. This screening is typically done to look out for eye disease and other conditions related to the blood vessels (like optic nerve damage, retinal tears or detachments).

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